High speed gearboxes designed to endure temperatures as low as -45 °C

Working closely with the pump supplier to engineer a high speed gearing solution that could withstand temperatures as low as -45°C, David Brown Santasalo (then David Brown) delivered 26 high speed gearboxes for a major oil pipeline off the coast of East Siberia within an extremely tight schedule.

Case Study

David Brown Santasalo engineers took on a tough challenge to provide a deliverable, cost effective solution within the scheduled project timescales without compromise in specification or performance. The custom designed high speed gearboxes have now been running maintenance free since 2009 and are installed in groups of four along the remote pipeline stretching more than 3,000 miles.

Utilising more than 80 years of high speed gearing expertise and a close working relationship with the pump supplier, David Brown Santasalo’s application engineers were able to design a number of special operational adjustments with materials and construction modified to suit the specifications of the project.

The welding process was changed to ensure it was suitable to withstand the extreme temperature and fabricated steel was used with additional in-house heat treatment for the gear casing. Conditions for transporting the gearboxes were considered with modifications made to the gear case and box material to ensure it was weather and transportation proof.

Drawing on its extensive track record of developing gearing solutions to perform in assurance critical applications in some of the world’s harshest environments, such as submarine, David Brown Santasalo knows that delay or failure is not an option. The project faced tight lead times to the very end and David Brown Santasalo provided dedicated, local support to the pump manufacturer every step of the way.

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Case Study: High speed gearboxes designed to endure low temperatures

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