Global approach creates unique partnership with Wärtsilä

David Brown Santasalo (DBS) is pleased to announce they have been selected to support Wärtsilä, in a project to deliver 34 state of the art gearboxes for the US Navy’s T-A0-205 oiler series vessels.

August 2018

The scope of the build will deliver the complete main propulsion drives for vessels that are designed to carry fuel and oil to US military naval fleet.  The unique relationship with Wärtsilä was made possible due to David Brown Santasalo’s global reach and particularly their capabilities in the US. 

The contract will roll out over an approximate 10-year period, with Wärtsilä delivering a total of 34 gearboxes (two per vessel) to ship builder General Dynamics.  The programme will initially see two drives delivered in 2019, with a third drive due for delivery by the end of 2020. 

In order to meet the US Naval requirements of at least 50% US content within the main drives, DBS will utilise their worldwide footprint to support the manufacturing process of the gearboxes.  The steel will be purchased in the US, with their locations in Canada and the UK providing manufacturing capabilities, and final testing and assembly taking place at their Greenville site in the US.

John Catalano, Managing Director US commented, “The project has created an interesting dynamic for David Brown Santasalo.  Working with our colleagues in Canada and the UK sees us leveraging our wide spread coverage to deliver a truly global partnership and will take our business in the US to the next level. We look forward to working with Wärtsilä on this project”.

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