High Speed Gears

High speed gears are important components in many essential applications including compressors, generators and pump drives. The HX series of gearboxes provides a noticeable improvement in performance as well as packaging flexibility. All of our HX series of gearing products come with a five year warranty to give you piece of mind.


Designed for use in the oil and gas, power generation and sugar processing industries, the HX series is based on a core platform that’s adaptable to meet your specific operating requirements.

This gearbox series also features a flexible gear case configuration. Oil inlets can be placed at either end or side of the casing to minimise pipe runs.  This series also comes with the option of three instrumentation packages which can be selected to satisfy specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • High speed gearboxes gearing for applications up to 60 MW
  • A standard range that’s adaptable in design to meet packaging and lead time requirements
  • Double and single helical gearing available
  • Planetary designs available
  • Gear cases available in cast iron or fabricated steel depending on customer requirements
  • Oil reservoirs and housings are specifically designed to minimise contamination by moisture
  • Optimised for low noise and vibration
  • Designed to major international standards: API 613, API 677, AGMA 6011, AGMA 421.06, ISO, and DIN
  • 5 year warranty (T&Cs apply, contact your local David Brown Santasalo representative for details).




Oil & Gas Applications

  • Sea water/produced water
  • Injection pumps
  • Flowline booster pumps
  • Pipeline booster pumps
  • LNG send out pumps for filling tankers
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Decoking pumps
  • Descaling pumps
  • Gas injection
  • Gas production
  • Gas boosting/transmission
  • Gas compression to LNG
  • Gas recompression
  • Boil off gas compressors for LNG

Power Generation Applications

  • Renewable energy
  • Power transmission
  • Power distribution
  • Biomass

Model Range

The HX series is based in 11 frame sizes, incorporating key centre distances in both high and low ratio combinations. The casing width is always optimised according to your application and required ratio. View our model range and technical data.



HX series options

The HX series features a range of options to suit any high speed gearing systems. Our engineering team can provide multiple product configuration options and infinite design options.

  • Multi-stage gearing
  • Planetary gearing
  • Multi pinion / integral gear units
  • Accessories include: auxiliary pumps, self-lubricated gear systems and external lubrication systems