Falk Gears

Falk service and repair

Our unrivalled experience in gear design, manufacture and service for the world’s critical industries means we can service and repair any industrial gearbox, including Falk transmission systems.

With more than 30 gear manufacturing, service and sales locations globally, you’re never far away from a David Brown Santasalo expert. In addition, our industry expertise is not limited – we can service, maintain, upgrade and repair any industrial Falk gearbox in any critical industry, including mining, power generation, metals processing and cement manufacture.

Our track record, based on almost three centuries of gear engineering enables us to deliver gearbox services that are reliable, proven and more importantly – availability maximising. This level of service is delivered for all industrial gearbox brands, including Falk parallel and right angle products as well as girth gears and mill drives.

Our services:

  • In situ inspection
  • Falk service
  • Falk repairs
  • Falk upgrade
  • Falk parts
  • Drop in replacements
  • Asset management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Strategic spares management

If your Falk gearbox or girth gear isn’t performing as well as you need it to, contact us using the form below, or give your local team a call.

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