Mining & Minerals

With decades of experience supplying gears for the mining industry, David Brown Santasalo delivers a wide range of gearing solutions and services for the intense requirements of mining and minerals processing.

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The most durable, reliable and powerful.

  • Our bulk materials handling gear systems are in operation in some of the world’s harshest environments
  • Our thermal efficiency, mounting and sealing systems are optimised to ensure supreme performance, whatever the weather
  • All our mining gear systems are proven to withstand harsh grinding conditions
  • Our gear systems are engineered to exact customer requirements to ensure maximum performance
  • We have extensive experience in delivering large, multi-segment, cast and fabricated girth gears for pyro processing applications.
  • We manufacture slurry drives with special sealing technology to perform exceptionally, even in wet environments

maintenance & support

When power, performance and reliability is mission critical, make sure your system is running at it's peak.

Repairs & Servicing 

We can service, maintain, repair and upgrade any industrial gearbox make or model from our service centres across the globe

Condition Monitoring 

Gearwatch condition monitoring senses any gear unit deviations from specified condition. These deviations can be analysed and evaluated to ensure maximised system availability.