Condition Monitoring solutions

David Brown Santasalo's GearWatch condition management system is a smart and compact tool for predictive remote process equipment monitoring.


GearWatch measures, records and analyses data, reporting any changes in measured parameters in real time, 24/7 via the internet.

Oil particle content monitoring enables early detection of potential gear unit failures months, or even a year in advance. This allows you to plan maintenance activities around your operational requirements and reduce downtime. 


Our latest innovation, GearWatch Vibration Easy is a new way to implement condition monitoring of process-critical gears and other rotating machines in an automated, easy and inexpensive way. 

  • Preventative
    Proactive approach to operation and maintenance
  • Early warning system
    Detection of potential gear failures with simple and cost efficient measurements
  • Expert Analysis
    Analysis completed by gearbox and drive train experts
  • Oil quality sensors
    An inductive sensor detects both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic particles and is immune to air bubbles and other dust in the oil
  • Cost efficient and easy installations
    Ethernet or 3G/4G connection to the secured and highly available cloud server. No need for factory specific server
  • Access anywhere. Anytime.
    Web based user-friendly application for analysis


GearWatch can be tailored to your operating parameters and all data is monitored by gearbox experts at our control centre. Not only does it measure changes within the gearbox, it can also monitor a full range of equipment including motors, hydraulic systems and bearings, as required.

  • Remote support from our Condition Monitoring Experts
  • Clear recommendations and estimation of running time before service is required
  • Access to your data 24/7
  • Quick return on investment
  • Condition monitoring engineers are ISO 18436.2 certified vibration analysts (Level II - IV) 
  • and ISO18426.4 certified Lubricant Analyst (Level I) 
Watch GearWatch in action!

Monitoring packages

 Vibration EasyVibrationStandardOil MonitoringPro
User SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Oil Particle Count  YesYesOptional
Oil Quality   YesOptional
Vibration (wired) Yes  Optional
Vibration (wireless)Yes   Optional
Rotation Speed YesOptionalOptionalOptional
TemperatureYes YesYesOptional
Oil Pressure  OptionalOptionalOptional
Load / Torque    Optional
Oil Cleanliness Level  OptionalOptionalOptional
Oil Colour    Optional
Oil Flow    Optional
Force Detection Sensor Optional  Optional
Analog Inputs to Import Signals    Optional