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Spare Units & Spare Parts for Industrial Gears

Speed is key when you’re in need of gearbox spares or a spare unit. We can supply fast spares for David Brown and Santasalo brands, as well as for our huge range of heritage brands and third party brand, regardless of the make or model. Not only that, we can re-engineer spare gears and gearboxes to suit changes in capacity or process performance.

When Power, performance and reliability is mission critical

Walks the walk, Talks the Torque.

Using only the highest quality materials and advanced hardening techniques, we can deliver spare gearbox parts from our seven manufacturing facilities globally.

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Our team of specialist service experts are always on hand to ensures your new, upgraded, or repaired equipment is installed to the highest standards and always in a professional manner.

Servicing & repairs

Always watching to safeguard your system

GearWatch Condition Monitoring from David Brown Santasalo

Oil particle content monitoring enables early detection of potential gear unit failures months, or even a year in advance. This allows you to plan maintenance activities around your operational requirements.