Sumitomo gearbox service and repair

Using almost 300 years of combined gear engineering expertise, we can service, repair and upgrade any industrial gearbox make and model, including Sumitomo drive systems.

From bevel helical to planetary and spur gearing, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver availability-maximising service, repair and upgrades for gearboxes in critical, heavy-duty applications.

Our services

Sumitomo Gears

Our engineers are highly experienced in working with all types of gearbox brands, including Sumitomo Gears, repairing and fixing industrial applications used in all industries from Defence to Oil & Gas. We have multiple service centres at locations right across the globe waiting to assist you. We provide fast and efficient engineering services to ensure that you can keep your operations running.

In situ inspection

Gearbox service

Gearbox repairs

Gearbox upgrade 

Drop in replacement gearboxes

Asset management


Strategic spares management

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If you require assistance with your gearbox installation, please get in touch with your local David Brown Santasalo team.

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Our team of specialist service experts are always on hand to ensures your new, upgraded, or repaired equipment is installed to the highest standards and always in a professional manner.