ATP Gearboxes

Utilising our heritage and pedigree in designing silent surface ship and submarine transmissions, David Brown Santasalo delivers air turbine pump gearboxes that are highly reliable, dependable and completely robust. Manufactured to international standards, our ATP gear systems meet our customers’ strict requirements for ultimate reliability and low noise emissions. These gear systems are flexible and innovative with high accuracy gears and optimised tooth geometry, as well the option of thrust cones to limit noise emissions.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible, innovative, power dense gearboxes for the air turbine pump assemblies
  • Proven designs based upon longstanding experience in engineering for a wide range of marine defence applications
  • Silent transmission systems that meet our customers’ strict acoustic specifications
  • Built for ultimate reliability and optimised maintenance intervals
  • Fully balanced and optimised lay shaft design
  • Utilising ferrous and non-ferrous materials for low magnetic signatures
  • Full range of gear types including single and double helical, spur, epicyclic and bevel

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