High Speed Gearboxes For Compressors & Pumps

High speed gearboxes are key drivers of critical applications such as pumps, compressors and generators. Our HX series combines availability maximising features, such as enhanced performance, packaging flexibility and a five-year warranty, to deliver complete assurance.

The HX series’ flexible gear case configuration allows for the positioning of oil inlets at either side, or at the end of the gear case to minimise pipe runs. In addition, three standard instrumentation packages are available to suit our customers’ specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • High speed gearboxes for applications up to 60 MW
  • A standard range that’s adaptable in design to meet packaging and lead time requirements
  • Double and single helical gearing available
  • Gear cases available in cast iron or fabricated steel depending on customer requirements
  • Oil reservoirs and housings are specifically designed to minimise contamination by moisture
  • Designed to major international standards: API 613, API 677, AGMA 6011, AGMA 421.06, ISO, and DIN


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