Jack Up Rig Gearboxes, Pinions & Fixation Systems

Utilising almost three centuries of combined gear engineering expertise, we work closely with our customers to deliver application specific jack up rig gearboxes, pinions and fixation systems.

David Brown Santasalo jack up rig gearing has been in operation for decades, providing maximum productivity in some of the most challenging environments. Our experience in engineering helical and planetary gearing with a high overload capacity and low backlash means we are able to provide solutions for even the most critical applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete range of gearing technology to match each application including helical, planetary, spur and herringbone gearing
  • Gearing for all major rig types including Le Tourneau, Gusto and Keppel FELS arrangements
  • Jack up pinions available for integrated package solutions
  • Ratios from 7000-9000 rpm with output speeds from 0.1-0.3/min
  • Typical rated jacking capacities from 80-500 tons
  • Range of module sizes from 50-105 MOD
  • Compact and lightweight designs for higher torque production within small space envelopes
  • Compliant with major international standards including ABS, DNV
  • Conforms to AGMA 14 after heat treatment


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