Modular Gear Unit Series

Demanding near-constant operation and running at high speeds of up to 2500m m-1, paper machinery requires a high degree of reliability. We have developed a standard range of gear systems featuring helical and bevel helical designs, which allow for the use of modular accessories including bearings, couplings, brakes and lubrication systems.

Depending on your requirements, our modular gear units can be connected to a central lubrication system or delivered as standalone, self-cooling units with an internal cooling coil or pressure lubrication system.

Features & Benefits

  • Single and multi-stage helical and bevel-helical gear units available
  • Modular accessory options including bearings, couplings, leak-proof seals, brakes and lubrication systems for both pressurised and splash lubricated applications
  • Can be connected to central lubrication systems or delivered as stand-alone self-cooling units, with an internal cooling coil or pressure lubrication system


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