David Brown Santasalo Launch GearWatch Condition Monitoring

David Brown Santasalo (DBS) is pleased to announce the launch of GearWatch, their state of the art gear unit and drive train condition monitoring solution. This is a condition monitoring solution with a difference. Unlike main stream solutions in the market, oil particle counting is the main condition monitoring method, which brings a completely fresh approach to prolonging the life of gear units.

June 2018

Developed by their specialist team in Finland, David Brown Santasalo has taken their deep understanding of drive system technology and rich heritage of developing and manufacturing gear units, to create something truly unique.

This advanced solution is remotely monitored by a team of DBS experts based in Finland. Through oil particle counting and vibration monitoring of the bearings and gear wheels, it can detect defects at an early stage to improve maintenance actions, gear unit performance and life cycle. Through this approach, GearWatch finds the issues before the gear unit is damaged, prolonging its life-span and minimising downtime. It also allows the customer to create a planned maintenance schedule, creating a cost-efficient system.

Available in three packages; DBS GearWatch Standard, oil particle counting which continuously monitors the condition of the gear unit. DBS GearWatch Oil Monitoring, online oil quality measurements are combined with oil particle counting. DBS GearWatch Pro, the full package. This is a tailored monitoring system for gear units & drive trains within selected parameters. It provides comprehensive condition monitoring by combining oil particle & quality measurements with vibration analysis. DBS GearWatch Pro will be available in Autumn 2018.

GearWatch can support any industrial application in process critical industries, globally. Industries including Hydro, Fibre, Paper & Tissue, Metals, Rubber Processing, Sugar & Food Processing, Cement, Cranes & Ports, and Mining & Minerals.

Mika Hirvonen, Manager, Field Service & Condition Monitoring at David Brown Santasalo said, “With decades of experience in industrial gear condition monitoring methods, we identified the oil particle counter as a very compact and cost-efficient solution to detect the gear unit’s wear process in the early stages.” 

For further information on GearWatch and to watch the animation, please click here.

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