David Brown Santasalo wins project on leading Super Maxi Race Yacht

The 100' Super Maxi Offshore Racing Yacht, Scallywag, recently underwent a major refit in the Philippines. Undertaken by Professional Yacht Services of Hong Kong, the refit of one of the best known and top Super Maxi Race Yachts in the world (formerly Ragamuffin 100), is expected to result in vastly improved performance by the yacht on the world maxi circuit.

February 2018

The David Brown Santasalo (DBS) team based in the Philippines were commissioned by the Scallywag project team manager and skipper Campbell Knox, to remove the old bearings and refit the new, special GARMAX shaft bearings housed in stainless pillow blocks. The GARMAX shaft bearings were attached to the hull for the yacht's new hydraulically operated canting keel.  This work was completed in situ by the team at DBS’ Gear Service Centre in the Philippines in December 2017.

Steve Williams, David Brown Santasalo’s Philippines Service Facility Manager reports,  "A delay in the delivery of the yacht's new canting keel, resulted in the Scallywag being unable to make the Sydney Hobart Race in late December 2017. The race was a long-awaited showdown with state of the art Super Maxis Yacht’s Wild Oats and Commanche, amongst others. The Sydney Hobart Race’s record time was smashed by the two yachts, which finished the 600 nautical mile race in an epic close dash to the line!"

The fitting of the yacht’s mast and sea trials were undertaken in the Philippines and Hong Kong, in January 2018. Campbell Knox, Scallywag's skipper has commended the David Brown Santasalo team for their prompt service and availability to meet the tight schedule. This enabled the work to be completed on time and have Scallywag travel to Hong Kong to meet up with the Volvo Around the World Yacht’s classic fleet.

Subic Team Wins Yacht Project.jpg