David Brown Santasalo install Western Australia’s first GearWatch monitoring system


We are pleased to share the team at our Service Centre in Perth, Australia recently fitted our proprietary condition monitoring system, GearWatch to an overland conveyor in Western Australia. The unit is the first of our GearWatch systems to be fitted in Australia!

After detecting signs of contaminants in their gearbox oil, our customer began to research solutions. Upon hearing about the capabilities of our GearWatch condition monitoring system, they felt it met their specific requirements and reached out to our team of specialists for further information.

Following our guidance, the customer opted for the GearWatch Oil Analysis unit, which would provide continuous monitoring of their oil’s health and early detection of wear through oil particle counting. Our Field Service team then travelled to their mine site to support the installation of the system to their 8-kilometre-long overland conveyor.

The installation was carried out in collaboration with the customer’s contractor team, with technical support supplied by our Senior Condition Monitoring Specialist in Finland. The GearWatch system is now fully operational and going forward our customer will communicate directly with our engineers in Finland for any support they require. They will also have full autonomy to customise the system parameters to their own requirements.

Our advanced and specialist system is designed to continuously monitor the oil. Providing clear information and trends on the wear process, to detect early-stage damage of the gears and bearings. Our customer can access their information 24/7 at the click of a mouse, directly from the GearWatch customer portal.

To find out more about how GearWatch can benefit your operations, please contact our team at australia@dbsantasalo.com. Alternatively, find your local David Brown Santasalo team here.

Read more on our proprietary GearWatch condition monitoring systems, here. 

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