David Brown Santasalo Canada complete emergency breakdown repair


The team based at our Cambridge Service Centre in Ontario, Canada recently came to the aid of our customer in the Steel industry when they experienced a gearbox breakdown on their Roll Bar Mill Line. The ten-ton Roll Mill Line Drive had been in production for 23 years and is a vital component of the line process. The sudden failure resulted in the line having to be shut down and consequently, the emergency breakdown required an extremely fast and challenging turnaround to get it back into operation as soon as possible.

The failure occurred on the output shaft where the splines had been damaged from a shock load during operation. Our team of experts instantly got to work to implement a temporary fix by repairing all the bearings and seals, manufacturing sixteen heat treated pins and modifying the coupling. They then installed the sixteen pins to guarantee the torque transmission was correct when the Roll Bar Mill was driving.

The temporary fix was only estimated to last an extended two weeks to enable the line to operate whilst we were manufacturing new output shafts as a permanent solution. However, as the gearbox is currently still running so well, this has been rescheduled to September 2022 and will now include the replacement of all the internals and re-boring of the housing.

Philippe Eck, Service Centre Manager said, “It is great to see our team come together and deliver such exceptional customer service. It was great to see this emergency breakdown turned around so quickly, to enable our customer to get up and running again.”

For assistance with your next emergency breakdown, please contact the team at canada@dbsantasalo.com. Alternatively, you can visit our website to find your local DBS team.

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