David Brown Santasalo Chile receive Occupational Health & Safety Award


We are pleased to share the team at David Brown Santasalo (DBS) Chile have received an Occupational Health and Safety Award from leading workplace health and safety legal company, Mutual de Seguridad. This is the second award the business has received from the H&S body, with this accolade being awarded for achieving five years without occupational accidents or Lost Time Injuries. We were delighted to welcome representatives from the Mutual de Seguridad to our site in Antofagasta, Chile for a special presentation of the award.

The health and safety of our people is our main priority and the EHS team in Chile, led by Georgina Serey have continued to drive the importance of safety within the workforce. Cultivating a real culture amongst our people, particularly the way in which occupational hazards are approached. This has been achieved by controlling critical risks and ensuring high safety standards are a pillar of our continuous development.

In addition, we have continued our focus on training our people, along with correct supervision and recognition of hazards and risks. Operations at our service centres are dynamic, and we see our people using their training when deciding how to face their daily tasks, implementing new methodologies, and weighing up risks. Being well trained in safety procedures, being alert and possessing the ability to recognise and control risks is an essential part of our team’s skillset.

For example, we have implemented new critical controls for potentially high-hazard tasks, along with new training methodology (AI), safety instructions and work procedures. The teams perform a daily “field” review of operational safety controls which includes hoisting, dynamic testing, hydraulic, pneumatic, lock out and guarding.

We are only at the beginning of the journey, as it continues to be a strong focus we will continue to evolve our approach to our HSE Standards.

To find out more about the Mutual de Seguridad, please visit their website: https://www.Mutual.cl/.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about your requirements, please contact chile@dbsantasalo.com.


“This is an outstanding achievement for the DBS Chile team. It is great to see the Mutual de Seguridad continue to recognise the efforts of the business in this way. I look forward to continuing to work with Georgina and the team to continue developing our workplace H&S standards.”

Joanne Spalding

Head of Quality, Environment, Safety & Health at David Brown Santasalo

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