David Brown Santasalo Finland deliver outstanding customer service on rapid repair turnaround


Our service centre in Tornio, Finland completed an express maintenance service on a 4,000kg gear unit for our customer in the Steel industry, following the discovery of an LSS bearing failure during one of their routine visual inspections. They immediately contacted us to assist with the repairs required, and as soon as the gear unit was dismantled from our customer’s production line, it was then collected for service at our Tornio workshop.

As the fault was detected during our customer’s annual shutdown in December, a rapid response was required to ensure the shutdown stayed on schedule and production was up and running again with no additional impact to their operations.  

Upon receiving the gearbox, our team of service experts got to work straight away, commencing the procedure of dismantling, washing and inspecting the gear. All bearings and seals were then replaced, along with the worn clutch from the slow shaft. Once complete, the gear was reassembled and test-driven to ensure all components were repaired and installed to the highest of standards.

Within just four days, our customer received the repaired gear unit, allowing them to restart their operations from the planned maintenance stoppage in a successful and systematic manner. They were extremely satisfied with the restoration of their gear unit, the speed of service and communication throughout the project.  

As an OEM, David Brown Santasalo is here to support you, whether you have one of our own tailor-made gearboxes, a DBS heritage brand gearbox or a third-party brand. To find out how we can transform your operations, contact the team today at service@dbsantasalo.com, or visit our website to find your local DBS team at https://dbsantasalo.com/contact.  

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