DBS Chile install enhanced complete drive system test bed at Antofagasta Service Centre


The team at David Brown Santasalo Chile are pleased to share an exciting development in our onsite dynamic testing capabilities at our Service Centre in Antofagasta, Chile. We have recently completed the installation and commission of an enhanced complete drive system test bed.

The project followed discussions with some of our extremely valued customers, who had experienced reliability issues in their drive systems. Due to power restrictions from the local grid, it was not possible for any provider to test a complete assembly of a drive system prior to the installation and commissioning processes. This led to further downtime to rectify any issues identified.

At David Brown Santasalo, we are renowned for being best in class and market leaders in the research and development of new technologies. We rose to the challenge and, following a $1 million investment, we can now generate around 20 times the normal voltage supply available from the local grid! This is the first of its kind in Chile and DBS are the only provider able to offer this kind of service in the area.

Delivering added value for our customers

Our customers in Chile will now have all their gearbox assemblies (electric motor + fluid coupling + gearbox)  dynamically tested using DBS’ enhanced services. This means they can be sure that once a gearbox is commissioned into place, it will not have any unforeseen reliability issues or premature failures.

This will be the first time a service provider in Chile has been able to test the complete drive assembly prior to installation. Once again we have demonstrated why David Brown Santasalo are the market leaders in complete Aftermarket services for critical industry worldwide!

This is only the beginning of the exciting developments currently happening at DBS Chile and we look forward to bringing you further updates as they happen.


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