Introducing Patented Purpose-Built Magnetic Test Equipment from David Brown Santasalo Australia


David Brown Santasalo Australia are pleased to introduce secure patented purpose-built test equipment for Wet Drum Magnetic Separators (WDMS). The only equipment of its kind currently in operation, this new testing equipment will help our customers in the mining industry understand the condition of their WDMS before committing to the removal process.

The removal of Wet Drum Magnetic Separators can be an expensive undertaking. With our patented test equipment, we can establish with pinpoint accuracy whether your equipment needs to be pulled out for repair, or simply requires adjusting in-situ.

How are the drum magnets constructed?
Individual ferrite magnets are assembled alternating the North to South poles. This formation generates a strong magnetic field profile in both vertical and horizontal axes suspended inside the rotating drum.

What our testing shows
The David Brown Santasalo testing procedure accurately measures the strength and position of these alternating field patterns in three locations along the axis of the drum. The three locations include the Drive End, Centre and Non-Drive End.

These field patterns directly influence the recovery efficiency of the drum. Any alteration to the magnetic field pattern will result in lower recovery and higher magnetite losses. The David Brown Santasalo system is so precise and accurate that any alteration to the magnetic system will show an obvious distortion to the pattern on the graphs produced by the test equipment.

Dean Leydecker, Managing Director Australia said, “The efficiency of a Wet Drum Magnetic Separator is the difference between a saleable pure product and a contaminated product. However, removing a WDMS is an expensive undertaking and entails significant down time for the customer’s processing plant. With this exciting technology from David Brown Santasalo, we will confirm if the drum needs to be removed for repair prior to taking it offline.”

To find out how our patented test equipment could transform your operations, or to book an appointment, please contact the team at or call +61 (2) 4283 0300.

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