Drop-in gearbox solution results in 20% increase in productivity

When a UK aluminium plant owner required an increase in delivered mill power from 660kW to 1500kW, David Brown Santasalo (then David Brown) utilised more than 150 years of gear engineering expertise to design a solution that provided the power increase as well as being easily mounted in the precise configuration of the original gearboxes.

Case Study

The original cold mill was designed for soft alloy production and an upgrade was an essential part of the plant’s multi-million pound investment programme. The project saw David Brown Santasalo upgrade the gearboxes on all three primary drives: the uncoiler, mill stand and recoiler.


The upgrade resulted in a 20% increase in productivity and a 10% improvement in material yield. In addition, the simultaneous installation of a modern AC drive, automatic gauge and flatness control combined with an improved roll coolant system enabled the mill to produce world quality strip rolled products.


As well as the new gearboxes delivering increased power and torque in the same footprint, each product supplied incorporated design improvements to reduce maintenance requirements. This and the reliability associated with a David Brown Santasalo gearbox enabled the plant to realise cost savings and achieve the necessary increase in production.


David Brown Santasalo has a reputation for commitment as well as engineering expertise, regularly undertaking projects that involve 24/7 working to ensure that it can closely match the demanding and tight time schedules required by today’s heavy process industries.

DAL-001 Dolgarrog cold mill gearboxes wide angle.tif


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Case Study: David Brown Santasalo drop in solution sees 20% increase in productivity