Size constraints prove no problem as production capacity is increased by 40%

David Brown Santasalo (then David Brown) worked closely with a major steel manufacturer in the Indian subcontinent to deliver 40% increased capacity and minimal disruption to production during the planned upgrade of its hot strip mill facilities.

Case Study

The initial upgrade included the replacement of gearboxes in the five finishing mills, along with upgrading the mill motors to higher power ratings. Understanding that the reorganisation of any mill equipment invariably involves financial and operational commitment, we worked with our customer to engineer a gearing solution that not only increased capacity but had the same footprint and critical dimensions as the existing ones. This delivered a significant reduction turnaround time but also reduced cost and risk in changing over the gearboxes.


Utilising modern materials and heat treatment technology, along with state of the art manufacturing techniques to significantly improve gear accuracy, the capacity of the gears in the new units was increased to match the capability of the upgraded motors. Close co-operation between the customer, David Brown Santasalo and all the partners in the project was key to its success. Our gear engineering experts collaborated closely with the plant’s team to offer technical advice, take measurements and work with other major suppliers.


In addition, commissioning services were provided with highly experienced engineers attending site to supervise the installation of the gearboxes. This took place in two planned two week shutdowns with the actual installation performed by the main contractor and customer. This combination of collaborative working and engineering expertise enabled a 40% increase in capacity and importantly installation and commissioning of the gearboxes on-schedule.


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Case Study: Size constraints prove no problem for David Brown Santasalo